Vectors of Kinship at Shanghai Biennale


Vectors of Kinship – Infra Curatorial project

Srajana Kaikini


With Creative Contributions by

Sundar Sarukkai(IN), David Pantalony & the Canada Science and Technology Museum(CA), Sally Jane Norman (NZ), Sara Bjarland(FI), Irene Kopelman (AR), Karima Boudou  (FR), José Carlos Mariategui with Gianni Totti (PE), Manash Bhattacharjee(IN), Meena Kandasamy(IN), Roderick Heitbrink(NL), Florencia Portocarrero (PE)

Vectors of Kinship is an infra [philo] curatorial weave of lives and occurrences of relatedness that sustain our creative co-habitation with each other. Mathematician, philosopher A.N. Whitehead conceives of reality as nothing but a constant re-ordering and perceiving of connections and relations.  The [infra] in the curatorial mode has life in the interstices – living in the linkages and the relations between groups of objects, moments, encounters, or beings. The infra-curatorial embeds itself in ‘cultures of relatedness’* and performs through the mode of the sieve – a table of “objects” that harbours tangible and intangible vectors. Kinship offers a symbiotic paradigm for the curatorial to thrive – a sentient understanding of entities coming together and falling apart. As kin we love, live, fight and kill. As kin we turn against the other, as kin we turn towards each other.

The vectors emerge through the mode of absence, an important relational category in some schools of Asian metaphysics. Absence occurs in relation to all things present – in time, in space. If absence were to persist, then its perdurance would take the form of recollection, memory or the constantly unmade self. An experienced moment almost always occurs to us in absence via a re-visiting – a re-ordering of memory or a recollection of the experienced encounter. This curatorial pulse persists through utterances from kin. Reflections are made present on the table through varying shades of their absent origins including self-reflective conversations, revisions and deliberations by philosophers and creative accomplices Sundar Sarukkai and Sally Jane Norman, poets Meena Kandasamy and Manash Bhattacharjee, artists Sara Bjarland, Roderick Heitbrink and Irene Kopelman and curators David Pantalony, Karima Boudou, Florencia Portocarrero  and José Carlos Mariategui. The table emerges as a place to gather, separate, collapse and sketch through our relative world as trans-human beings, through method, madness and inevitability – one inevitably affecting the other and in turn being affected.

When faced with a wall, we become osmotic .

When faced with a forest we circle trees – lose way.

When faced with things, we make sense of them.

This making sense of things, this walking through walls, allowing for gaps and leaping over lapses gives us an access into the world precisely through its interstices, by being persistent and percolating through the margins.

  • Special Thanks to Dr. Anindita Majumdar (Dept. of Sociology, Manipal University) for her expert advice on kinship studies.

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