Launch of publication Groundwork at Unseen Book Market

My first publication Groundwork will be launched at this year’s Unseen Book Market during Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam.

In the publication, images of my work are presented together with images that I make as part of my work process, as visual research or notes. All the images together form a frame of reference, or a web of connections, in which my work comes into being.

The title – Groundwork – is a wordplay; on the one hand, it literally refers to the ground – the place where most of the objects that I photograph are located. I look down and “scan” the ground on which I walk. On the other hand, the word “groundwork” means the work that happens before the real work – the preparatory work – which in turn refers to the status of the photos; as a source material or frame of reference in which the work that I make in my studio can be seen.

The photos show damaged furniture, dead birds, twisted tubes, faded plants, insect wings, traces of green deposits, mold and burnt surfaces, crushed flies and umbrellas, ┬áremains of fireworks, shapeless plastic lumps, torn faux leather, electric wires that like insects – in short: the process of decay, life, and death, inanimate objects that seem to come to life or remind you of death, and living things that are dead. Everything is matter, everything perishes through the process of entropy, and at the same time nothing is completely dead.

Published by Art Paper Editions, Ghent.
Design by 6’56”
With a text by Hanne Hagenaars.

The book will be available to buy at the Unseen Book Market, 19-22.9.2019
Official launch: 20.9 at 19.00 with an artist talk at 18.00

You can also preorder it here.