Rumination Tale


Sara Bjarland & Charlott Markus
Mertens Frames Project Space by Plan B
21.10 – 6.11.2016

Rumination Tale brings together new works by Sara Bjarland and Charlott Markus. It is an exhibition about chewing on something over and over again, that nagging feeling that something might be wrong. About the inside of things and filling a space that is meant to be empty. About hiding and a growing sense of disconnection, about stagnation and air that is too heavy to breath.

Rumination Tale is part of an on-going dialogue between Bjarland and Markus. The exchange focuses on the use of materials and more importantly, on how the two artists look at the world and their way of extracting poetic essence from their surroundings.

Opening Friday October 21, 17:00 – 21:00